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EXCLUSIVE ‘It’s a ray of sunshine at a gloomy time’: Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Hanna Kinsella on pregnancy, her co-stars’ labour ‘horror stories’ and finding out her baby’s sex

Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Hanna Kinsella confirmed last month that she is expecting her first child with her husband, Martin.

And in an exclusive interview with MailOnline, the reality star, 32, divulged whether they will find out their baby’s gender and told how she remains unfazed by labour horror stories from her co-stars. 

Hanna also discussed mending her rifts with friend turned foe, Dawn Ward, and RHOCH newcomer, Lystra Adams, who makes her debut on Monday’s forthcoming episode.

The pregnant star revealed to MailOnline: ‘We were at home, just Martin and I, our clinics were closed over lockdown and it was the first time that we’d actually spent loads of time together, it was great. 

‘About three or four weeks into lockdown, I sat up and I just felt so different, I was like “oh god, something’s different here.” 

‘I told Martin “I’m sure there’s something not right with me,” and he kept saying “you’ll be fine,” so literally a few days later I did a pregnancy test and that was it!

‘We weren’t being particularly careful but we also weren’t trying. I think it’s because I was so relaxed, I was eating what I wanted, there was no stress, it just happened naturally.’  

The couple are yet to discover the sex of their baby and remain divided in their decision to find out, despite having a gut feeling that they are expecting a boy. 

The dentist added: ‘I feel amazing, especially with what’s been going on in recent months, I feel like my pregnancy is a little ray of sunshine in a really gloomy time.’

‘But we’re still undecided on whether we want to find out but Martin keeps saying, “it will be nice to have the surprise on the day,” but I want to find out because I want to do the nursery and I want to buy all the nice stuff.

Hanna Kinsella

‘I really want to know, but we still haven’t decided, we will see.’  

Despite hearing tales from cast-mates of cracked nipples, underwear leakages and haemorrhoids, Hanna is embracing the forthcoming challenges of giving birth, and feels blessed that she has avoided most pregnancy symptoms. 

She said: ‘The other women haven’t held back on their horror stories! 

‘But I try not to let it faze me as everyone’s got such different experiences of pregnancy, so I think me and Martin are just going to roll with it, and see what happens. 

‘I’ve been so lucky with this pregnancy so far, I feel like I’ve cheated it! I’ve basically had no symptoms, I’ve been pretty much normal. 

‘The only thing I’ve noticed different is I’ve been getting really tired and a bit more emotional, like crying at random adverts, it’s a bit weird really.’ 

Dawn Ward

Emotions also ran high for Hanna when she first met RHOCH newbie, Lystra.

Hanna revealed: ‘The thing is with Lystra, she is a big character. She is the life and soul of the party but you know when she’s around. 

‘When she first joined the group, she was quite strong minded and opinionated and we locked horns at our first dinner party. 

‘We had a bit of a disagreement, a clash of opinion, and I think that escalated really quickly and  it got heated, other people got involved. 

‘But as time has gone on, I’ve realised there is a lot more than meets the eye and I have seen a softer side to Lystra and we’ve grown a lot closer.’ 

Another co-star that Hanna has made amends with recently is Dawn, 47. 

There friendship took a turn for the worse last year when her on-and-off pal criticised the glamorous dentist for speaking negatively about co-stars behind their backs. 

But according to Hanna, her pregnancy announcement has rekindled their friendship.

 ‘Recently we had arguments and we weren’t as close as we were at the beginning when we met, but I think the baby has definitely softened her up a bit,’ she laughed.

‘And it has been really nice, she has been really supportive and has said some nice things.’  

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