Georgia Steel

EXCLUSIVE ‘It’s been hard’: Georgia Steel breaks her silence on split from fiancé Callum Izzard, admits she hates the word ‘loyal’ and explains why you will NEVER find her on a dating app

Georgia Steel has broken her silence on her devastating split from fiancé Callum Izzard. 

The Love Islander, 22, and the Ibiza Weekender, 25, ended their engagement in April, after a whirlwind seven month romance. 

Now in an exclusive chat with MailOnline, Georgia, who is launching her own coat collection with Trend Studio, talks about the break-up, how she hates the word ‘loyal’ and why you will never find her on a dating app. 

Georgia Steel

Of their split, Georgia said: ‘Yeah it’s been hard. Every breakup is hard, it’s difficult but it’s all about growing and learning I guess, and you’ll be better on the other side in time.’ 

The brunette beauty and Callum met on Ex On The Beach in 2019 but found their relationship broke down during lockdown, with the hunk eventually moving out of their home.

According to the reality starlet, she is unsure if her relationship with Callum would have lasted if they had met under real life circumstances. 

She added: ‘I feel sometimes when you meet people on shows, it’s a bubble and if you come out of the show and if it works, you are very lucky, but a lot of the time that can be a fantasy. 

‘Yes I think if I had met him on the outside, it would have been a different way of meeting. 

Georgia Steel Callum Izzard

‘When we first came out, it was obviously quite intense and we moved in together straight away, but it didn’t work out. If we met normally, we probably would have known that before [moving in together].

‘You know what, things just don’t work out and it just wasn’t meant to be. You’ve got to be brave, you’ve got to leave and walk away when it’s the time. It’s scary and it’s hard, especially in this industry because it can get quite lonely.’

In her relationship prior, she suffered heartbreak with fraudster, Medi Abalimba, who conned her out of thousands of pounds before being sent back to prison in 2019. 

Georgia admitted her past relationships have made her cautious, as she divulged: ‘I’m more wary now for sure, the past couple of relationships haven’t been the best. 

‘It has definitely made me more wary, a bit more hesitant to jump into things, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing either.’ 

Georgia also dashed any hopes that she will be joining dating platforms such as Hinge or Raya, as she laughed: ‘No, you will never see me on a dating app! That’s just not how I roll. 

Georgia Steel

‘I just wouldn’t do it, I’ve never been on a dating app, I wouldn’t know where to start. I think it’s better to meet people organically and in person, call me “old school” I guess.’  

The television star also reflected on her stint on the 2018 series of Love Island and revealed she hates the use of her iconic word ‘loyal’ and was a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ when she made her television debut.    

‘It was a really hard time for me when I was in there, I definitely went through an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve never watched it back myself but people have told me things about it,’ she said. 

‘I’m not going to lie, I was very young when I did that, I think I was 19 or just turned 20. I was a baby, I was so, so young and I’d never been in the media before, I was such a rabbit in the headlights. 

‘But now looking back two years, I’m just so grateful for that because I wouldn’t be where I am today without it and it was such an amazing opportunity for me.’

Despite facing backlash for kissing Jack Fowler on the series and her post-Love Island split from Sam Bird, the brunette beauty has experienced plenty of awe-inspiring moments that have put her negative experiences into perspective.  

Georgia Steel

She reflected on the first time she felt star-struck and revealed: ‘I did a Britain’s Got Talent after show appearance a year back, and I saw Ant and Dec.  

‘They were like “oh you’re that girl from Love Island, the loyal one!” I went “yeah that’s me,” but I hate that word now!’  

According to Georgia, she is in no rush to settle down and is currently focusing on her career. 

Before entering the Love Island villa, she studied acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and has hopes of using her acting chops to land a role in a TV drama or soap.

Georgia said: ‘It would be so nice to go into my old craft of what I know and what I’ve done as a kid. 

‘I’d love to go on a TV drama or a soap, who knows what the future holds! I would really love to go into something like that as it is something I’ve done [acting] my whole life.

‘But at the moment, I’m really lucky to be launching a fake fur coat campaign with Trend Studio which is perfect for autumn winter and launches on Sunday. 

‘It features 10 pieces ranging from long to cropped, and a lovely selection of colours so there’s definitely something for everyone and I’m really excited to show my followers the whole collection.’