Dawn Ward

EXCLUSIVE ‘I’ve always thought that Darby would have children young’: Dawn Ward discusses her dream of becoming a grandmother and addresses her drama on the new season of Real Housewives

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward, opened up on Thursday regarding her battle with coronavirus, her daughter’s wedding plans for next year, and the possibility of becoming a grandmother for the first time. 

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, the Cheshire queen, 47,  also reflected on her simmering tensions with fellow castmates, Rachel Lugo and Hanna Kinsella, as she revealed whether their drama cools down or reaches a new boiling point in this year’s forthcoming season. 

Dawn and Rachel’s friendship was in jeopardy last season following a blow out argument at at the dinner table, and questions raised by Dawn over her friend’s loyalty.

The mother-of-four divulged how their conflict has changed in recent months: ‘Me and Rachel had quite a tough time last season, we’ve been best friends for twenty years. We used to be able to say we’ve never had an argument but we’ve broken that now. ‘

‘I rang Rachel when we were in lockdown because she was having some issues going on personally, so I wanted to ring her and check she was ok and also clear the air.

‘I think things like the pandemic make you realise that there are bigger things going on in the world and I think life is too short, so I’m not going to throw my friendship away of 20 years away. 

Dawn Ward

‘So we spoke, we had a heart to heart and we’re back to where we were before which is great.’ 

Dawn also reflected on her fractured friendship with Hanna, 32, who announced she is pregnant on the first episode of the new RHOC series on Monday. 

Their relationship hit an all-time low during last year’s season after Dawn called out the glamorous dentist for speaking negatively about co-stars behind their backs and for being ‘phoney’. 

According to the business mogul, the accumulation of their disputes doesn’t impact her opinion of Hanna as a mother-to-be.

She said: ‘You are going to see what happens between us in the new episode coming up, but regardless of my fallout with Hanna, I’ve made it very clear from the start that she will make an amazing mum. 

‘When we were very close, we would speak for hours, and she was so eager to get married so that she could have a baby, so that’s something she’s always wanted. 

Dawn Ward

‘I am absolutely delighted for her, I have always been so excited for her since I found out.  

‘I think you’ve got to have your say and move on, so regardless if me and Hanna get on or not, I will never take that away from her, that she will be amazing. They both will be amazing parents.’

The mother-of-four also thinks a new addition to the Ward family could be around the corner. 

Her daughter, Darby, 24, was forced to delay her wedding to fiancé, Michael Corrado Jackson, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Dawn expects baby footsteps will soon follow after they exchange wows. 

She said: ‘Darby was planning on getting married this September, but we made a family decision, thankfully, and she’s going to be getting married next June in France. 

‘It’s given us a lot of time to plan, we’ve made it a little bit smaller, although it’s still not very small knowing our family! I’m very hands on with the planning. 

Dawn Ward

‘I’ve always thought that Darby would have children relatively young. I’m not saying she is in any rush, but following the wedding, I don’t think it will be too long after.’

According to Dawn, she has been valuing the quality time spent with Darby, her husband Ashley, and their three other children, after the family contracted coronavirus and she feared the worst. 

She added: ‘I was so poorly for two weeks. It was more worrying when you first get it because you don’t know what to expect. You see a lot of people who have been really sick so you’re expecting the worst. 

‘I did feel pretty rough, I didn’t leave my bed actually, I lost my appetite, headaches, shaking, shivering, and I had a very high temperature. But I was very lucky that I didn’t get the more severe symptoms. 

L’My children didn’t really show as many of the symptoms but it’s the longest I’ve ever, ever, been in bed. It’s the longest I’ve ever stopped working and out of our family, I probably got it the worst.’ 

Her former house guest and RHOCH pal, Ester Dee moved out of Dawn’s lavish family mansion earlier this year as she focuses on growing her independence and her relationship with Spanish boyfriend, Glynn. 

Dawn revealed she also met Ester’s beau several years ago, before the besotted couple became an item. 

She said: ‘I met him many years ago, nothing to do with Ester actually. I went to view one of his properties a long time ago in Spain, and we’ve also got mutual friends in common. 

‘That being said, I don’t know him very well, but I’ve never seen Ester like this, she seems to have found the one. 

‘When Ester moved in with me she was in a completely different headspace than how she is today, which is for the better, and I think Ester is really loved up.’

The mother-of-one has been jetting off abroad to spend time with her man, which might impact her future on the Real Housewives Of Cheshire, according to Dawn. 

She added: ‘I can’t speak for her, but they do spend a lot of time together and it’s difficult when you are in a different country. 

‘I think she probably would leave the show to focus on her relationship, we will just have to wait and see. However, I don’t think Ester will ever fully leave the show completely, maybe not appear on as much, possibly.’

A cast member who plans to stay and make an impact on the reality TV show is newcomer, Lystra Adams. 

The voluptuous model makes her debut on the new season of Real Housewives of Cheshire, and she has commanded the attention of the ladies with her ‘strong personality.’

Dawn said: ‘I’ve known Lystra for about six or seven years just through my friends Nick and Royston, and she’s come to many of my parties and events. I think she is a great addition to the show. 

‘I think she brings good energy, she is a strong personality, glamorous, and I think she is going to fit in well.’

Dawn also addressed the change in dynamic and whether her co-stars feel threatened by the show’s newest arrival. 

She added: ‘I think you get a bit of tension in certain areas and situations, but I think that comes with any group. 

‘We’re all strong, independent women, and when someone new comes into it, someone has always got their guard up or different opinions. 

‘I do think it causes a stir because nobody wants change, but I do think she will settle in well.’