EXCLUSIVE TOWIE’s Pete Wicks reveals he will be spending lockdown alone despite healing rift with ex fling Chloe Sims as he awkwardly says ‘I haven’t seen her’

TOWIE’s Pete Wicks has revealed he will be spending lockdown alone despite healing his rift with ex fling Chloe Sims.

Talking to MailOnline alongside his pal and co-star James Lock on Wednesday, he awkwardly said ‘I haven’t seen her.

The long-haired lothario, 32, was speaking about his on-off sexual partnership with Chloe, 38, which spans two years. 

He confirmed they are back on good terms but have not seen each other since his birthday on October 31, as he said: ‘No I’ve not seen her and her birthday is the day after mine. 

‘Because normally, she will organise something for her birthday and we do a joint thing, but because of the new lockdown rules no one really did anything.’ 

The Essex duo decided to take some time apart earlier in 2020 after their entanglement was revealed on the ITVBe reality show. 

However Chloe fuelled reconciliation rumours in October as she called him her ‘happy place’ during a celebratory Instagram post, while Pete wished her ‘happy birthday’ and declared her as ‘one of the most important people in my life’.  

Pete spoke of his relief that they are back on talking terms, and clarified why they decided to keep their situation private for years. 

He said: ‘Chloe and I have been mates for a really long time, about seven years. When we didn’t talk it was horrible, but it’s great now that we’re talking again so it’s all good.    

Chloe Sims Pete Wicks

‘We didn’t keep our relationship away from the limelight because it was never an official relationship, we just kept me and her away from other people because whatever you do people will criticise, whether that is a friendship, relationship or family problems. 

‘Sometimes you have to keep certain aspects of your life private because everyone will have an opinion on it. But at the end of the day, other people’s opinions don’t matter, it’s like an a** hole, everyone’s got them.’

Despite their fence-mending, Pete confirmed he will be spending the November lockdown alone, as he concluded: ‘I’ll be on my own during the lockdown, just me and the dogs for the next month, but I’m staying busy with work and filming TOWIE.’

Meanwhile, James, 33, intends on moving in with his on-off girlfriend, Yazmin, 26, after they reunited earlier this year and made their relationship official in October.   

He said to MailOnline: ‘It’s all good with Yaz, everything is good, no complaints!

‘I think we’re going to move in together due to the lockdown, so I’m going to move into the her place in Hertfordshire, see if she can put up with me!  

‘We are taking things slow, but obviously with the new rules, I wouldn’t have moved in but you have to, if I don’t move in we can’t see each other. 

‘But I think it’s going to good for us, we are going to go teetotal and hopefully have a blowout over Christmas.’

Yazmin and James split last year after two years together over claims he had cheated on her while they were on a romantic holiday together in Turkey, something he denied. 

The couple have focused on personal development throughout 2020 in an attempt to mature as a couple and heal any cracks in their relationship.

James Lock

James spoke on how they have changed for the better, as he added: ‘We have worked on compromise. Before we weren’t really compromising, we had both been single for x-amount of years before we met each other, and then we carried on acting like we were single in a certain way. 

‘When you’re in a relationship, you’ve got to put the other person first and respect them and I don’t think we did the first time. 

‘I was still half-living as a single man because I was out too much, and loads of  others factors played into it, but I think the time apart, we realised how much we both meant to each other.’

According to his friend of eight years, Pete, they both rely on each other for relationship advice.

Pete said: ‘We talk to each other about all sorts of stuff. We don’t always take each other’s advice! But we always listen and we always support each other, that’s what is important about being best mates.’ 

The TOWIE hunks recently went head-to-head in a Lucha Libre match for tequila brand, Jose Cuervo’s Day of the Dead campaign. 

Pete ‘Dropkicks’ and James ’The Hurt Locker’ took part in weeks of grueling wrestling training before donning body-hugging spandex as they entered the ring. 

The competitive duo left their relationship drama outside as they determined who is the champion of cocktails, once and for all. 

Their skin-tight wrestling costumes are now being auctioned off on eBay to raise funds for the The Drinks Trust charity, which provides support, care and assistance to the drinks industry workforce.  

Jose Cuervo’s tequila range and cocktail recipes are available on their website.