Chloe Ross

EXCLUSIVE ‘We are very much in love’: TOWIE’s Chloe Ross discusses engagement and baby plans as she poses for racy new lingerie campaign

Chloe Ross has revealed her plans to get married and have children with her boyfriend, Ben.

The former TOWIE star, 28, explained to MailOnline that she previously split with her beau before deciding to get back together in 2019, and said the break has only made them ‘stronger’.  

She also weighed in on former co-stars, Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks bombshell romance and disclosed that she is dubious about Ella Rae Wise’s possible love story with Tom McDonnell.  

During an interview about her new Ann Summers Halloween campaign, Chloe revealed:  ‘I do have a boyfriend, he’s my ex-boyfriend basically. He was my boyfriend, then we split up. 

‘Then I joined TOWIE, and then we started dating again just before my second series and now we’re back together, and I’m really, really happy. 

Chloe Ross

‘Some relationships need a break and so did ours, but it made us stronger.  We are really good, and I think our relationship is coming up to a year now.’ 

Chloe exited the hit reality show in 2019 alongside Jayden Beales, and said that her relationship played a part in her departure.  

The brunette beauty added: ‘For me, I got back with Ben and I didn’t really want to have my relationship on the show and there wasn’t much storyline for me to be on there.

‘It’s not like I was going to be dating anyone, so it was just the perfect time for me to leave the show. 

She also divulged their plans to have children in the future, as she declared: ‘Definitely, I would love to have children. Because I’m one of four, I’ve always said I want four but Ben says, “No, I want two”.

‘You never know what the future holds, I’ll just be grateful if I can have one child, so it will happen when it is meant to happen. 

‘We do have that general conversation of “where would you like to get married,” but at the minute we’ve got to focus on moving out and take that step first. 

‘I can’t see it happening any time soon because we’ve only been back together for a year. But we are very much in love and it will definitely happen at some point.’

On Sunday’s night episode of TOWIE, it was revealed that Pete, 31, and Chloe Sims, 37, have been hiding their sexual relationship for two years. 

The reality star duo – who were assumed to just be close pals –  have begun couples therapy to fix their relationship troubles.

Chloe admitted she witnessed a magnetism between the secret couple when they were filming. 

She said: ‘No I didn’t know [they were dating]. I don’t speak to them a lot off the show, especially during the pandemic, I haven’t seen them. 

‘But they’ve been friends for quite a while, they do get on really well which I noticed when we were filming. I always thought they were really good friends and there is something there. 

‘At the end of the day, it’s down to them, they’re both old enough to do what they want to do. 

‘If they want to be together, they will be together, but they obviously had decided not to tell a lot of people.’

Chloe also commented on her TOWIE friend, Ella, 19, and her on-screen blossoming romance with Tom, 24.

She added:  ‘I’m not too sure about it. As her friend, I know she’s come out of a long term relationship. 

‘She’s young, she needs to enjoy herself, but there’s no harm in going out on dates and Tom’s a lovely guy, but I’m not 100 per cent sure it’s going to go anywhere with those two, from an outsiders point of view, but I could be wrong!’ 

While her friends are busy exhibiting their love lives on TOWIE, Chloe has been focusing on other work projects that she finds empowering. 

Chloe said: ‘Since exiting the show, I’ve been focusing on my Way To Beauty tanning edit and working with Ann Summers as an ambassador.  

The brunette bombshell joined forces with Maura Higgins and other models to promote the lingerie brand’s Halloween collection which includes sultry bunny ensembles and all-in-one lace outfits.

Chloe Ross

She added: ‘I’m not a super skinny girl, I’m curvy but I love that, I’m embracing it. I like eating my food, I’m not going to stick to a diet and that’s what I love about working with Ann Summers.

‘They have made me feel really confident about my figure, they embrace women of all shapes and sizes and they have some amazing lingerie pieces.’  

For Chloe, she feels it is important for women to embrace their physiques and sexuality, regardless of what others might say. 

She said: ‘I think you’re always going to have people who have a [negative] opinion on things, but why should they? I think women should be exactly equal to men. 

‘Men love sex so why shouldn’t women? You shouldn’t hide the way you feel.

‘Don’t get me wrong, all girls have insecurities. You can feel like you need to lose a bit of weight, but working with Ann Summers, 

‘I love the way I look. I’m 28, I’m a size 10 and I don’t want to be smaller than that, I’m happy.’