Olivia Alex Bowen

EXCLUSIVE ‘We’re really happy where we are right now’: Love Island’s Olivia and Alex Bowen reveal they have pushed back their baby plans

Olivia and Alex Bowen have pushed back their baby plans as they focus on their respective careers.

The Love Island couple previously told how they had stopped using contraception and wanted to try for a baby next year, after Olivia, 26, expressed concerns about her fertility due to an underactive thyroid. 

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline on Wednesday, the reality stars explained why they have decided to now change their plans and delay having children.  

She said: ‘We were thinking about having kids soon, we do still think “oh yeah we would love to have a child” but with my TV show, Second Chance Dresses, pushed back until next year, I’m going to have to be away a lot in New York.’  

Speaking as part of the couple’s new collaboration with Superdrug, Olivia added: ‘As the timings have all changed, and we’re both really busy with our careers, we’re just really happy with where we are right now. 

‘I also recently purchased a horse so that’s puts a spanner in the works and it has been keeping me really busy.’  

Olivia Alex Bowen

In October, Olivia revealed that she was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid as a child, and expressed fears that it could affect her ability to conceive after years of being ‘irresponsible’ with her condition. 

In an interview for Love Island: What Happened Next? last month, Olivia confirmed she was no longer using the contraceptive pill. 

The Love Island beauty said she doesn’t feel the need to hurry the process and will have a family when the time is right. 

Olivia said: ‘There’s no rush for us, that’s not our goal but it will happen one day. I reckon it will be in the next couple of years, although we do keep saying that and it keeps moving back!’ 

Despite easing off the pedal for her own pregnancy plans, Olivia has been getting serious baby envy when it comes to her fellow Love Island stars. 

She said of Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, who welcomed their first child, Nell, in October: ‘Oh my god, Camilla looks absolutely glowing.

‘I thought she looked absolutely stunning when she was pregnant. I’ve seen pictures of her with the baby and oh my god, so, so, sweet. 

‘I’m so proud of them, I think they’re another couple that people questioned while they were together in the villa, but I think they’ve just gone from strength to strength and it’s so nice to see. 

‘Jamie is also from the same area as me, I don’t know him personally but I knew his family and they owned a beauty salon. I used to go there all the time so we’ve crossed paths.’  

Olivia and Alex, 29, said they keep in touch with many Love Island pals and predict the pattering of tiny feet for their co-stars soon. 

She said: ‘I still speak to Gabby Allen and we speak to Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey quite a bit, there’s a little network and we try to all support each other. Cara and Nathan’s kids are so adorable too, they make beautiful babies.’

Alex added: ‘We don’t really know many of the new couples from Love Island so it would be hard to predict who will be next in line to have a baby or get married.’ 

Olivia continued: ‘But I speak to Jess Shears, she and Dom Lever recently had a little boy so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had another one soon.’    

Alex and Olivia have been spending the lockdown together in their lavish £1million Essex mansion which they are currently renovating. 

However, the current pandemic hasn’t been without it’s challenges for the handsome couple.

Olivia added: ‘Our relationship goes through peaks and troughs, but we’re quite used to being with each other a lot. 

‘In the first lockdown we spent so much time together, and at times we were bickering but it was over simple things like who did the washing or who put the plate on the side.  

‘When you’re in each other’s vicinity so much, you do bicker but it’s nothing serious and I’m sure everyone experiences that.’  

Olivia said the secret to a successful lockdown relationship is taking time out to spend on different hobbies.

She said: ‘Alex loves gaming, so this lockdown has worked out quite well for us because we both keep busy. 

‘I’ve been spending loads of time with my new horse, it’s a lot of upkeep but it’s nice to focus on her, it’s honestly like therapy for me.

‘I’ve also been studying an interior design diploma and I love it. It’s definitely on my mind to pursuit something within that space, whether that’s creating a new range of products or something else.’  

LAlex added: ‘And I’m focused on getting our garage completed as we’re converting it into a gym so I can still get my workouts done, which will be so much better. 

‘I’m also doing home workouts for my fitness app, ABX Performance, because mental health is so important and I find staying active really helps me.’      

Prior to the November lockdown, the couple enjoyed a rare outing at Superdrug’s newest concept store in Glasgow, Silverburn. 

The couple travelled north to open the store and indulge in some beauty treatments, with Olivia even getting her ears pierced and picking up some stocking fillers for Alex.

She said of the experience: ‘We hadn’t been on a train for about seven months. We would usually be travelling every week for our jobs so to go somewhere was actually really nice.  

‘Just to see people and have a little chat was so lovely, and the store is amazing, it has everything in there including a Barber Shop and nail bar.’