Amber Gill

EXCLUSIVE ‘I’ve always got horrible comments, but I don’t let it make me self-conscious’: Amber Gill details her one stone weight loss journey after being fat-shamed by cruel trolls

Amber Gill has detailed her one stone weight loss journey after brushing off ‘horrible comments’ about her appearance by cruel trolls. 

The Love Island winner, 23, revealed how she achieved her dramatic transformation in just six weeks without having to resort to extreme dieting. 

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline  to promote her new fitness app, Amber FLEXX, she discussed how exercise has helped her mental health. 

Amber revealed it was her online haters who ‘noticed’ her changing figure before she noticed, as she recalled being fat-shamed by her TikTok followers in November. 

When asked if the cruel comments affected her body image, the reality star responded: ‘I’ve always got horrible comments but I don’t ever let it make me feel self-conscious. 

Amber Gill

‘I’ve always been quite a body confident person, I think there’s power in everyone being unique. 

‘But I also don’t lie to myself when I know I’m not feeling motivated and taking care of myself the same way I was before.’

She added: ‘I was just trying to survive lockdown, I lost my productivity and I wasn’t speaking to my followers on Instagram like I used to. 

‘It wasn’t about how much I weigh on the scales, whether I’m curvy or not, or what people say, it was about how I felt in my mind.’ 

For Amber, she decided to eat healthy and exercise to improve her wellbeing, not to prove anything to others.   

Reflecting on her weight gain in 2020, she said:  ‘As lockdown went on, I ended on putting on some weight by accident, subconsciously, from being in the house and not being the best cook. 

‘After I moved from Newcastle to London, it was very strange for me not being in my home city, so I fell out of my former lifestyle choices. 

‘I wasn’t training or eating properly because I didn’t have my mum in my ear saying “oh, you might have put weight on.”‘

According to the Love Island star, she even burnt an egg when adapting to life in her own London apartment, and she didn’t immediately recognise her changing physique after living in baggy loungewear. 

She concluded: ‘I needed to do it for my mental health. I think it’s the struggle of being indoors as much.

‘I don’t think as humans we’re supposed to be and not communicating with other people, all of that was put on top of me, so I did it for myself and no one else.’ 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic, Amber took the power back into her own hands by embarking on a six week plan to get herself ‘back into shape,’ before Christmas.

After following her new fitness system Amber FLEXX, which is based on cardio combat moves, she was able to shed the ‘quarantine 17’ pounds and an astonishing six inches off her waist.

Amber has also been following a balanced eating plan devised by TV dietician Jo Travers, which allows her to eat all of her favourite foods as she doesn’t believe in fad diets.   

She added: ‘I’ve been eating really good things, I’m not doing any of these crazy diets that people go on, because I just wouldn’t be able to manage it, especially for six weeks. 

‘I’ve never been the type of person who’s been into dieting, although I am a pescatarian so I don’t eat red meat, I don’t believe in depriving myself.’