Ferne McCann

EXCLUSIVE ‘I’ve started to feel broody, I would love more kids’: Ferne McCann says she ‘can’t wait to get married and have babies’ as she looks forward to 2021 after going public with new man

Ferne McCann has declared she ‘can’t wait to get married and have babies’ as she looks forward to 2021 after going public with her new man, hunky model Jack Padgett.

The reality star, 30, said she has ‘started to feel broody and would love more kids’ as she opened up to MailOnline in an exclusive interview about the future ahead of a busy year working on her new fitness app, Embodyment With Ferne. 

The former TOWIE favourite, who is a single mother to daughter Sunday, three, explained what she now looks for in a partner – as her romance with model Jack came to light during a PDA-packed trip to Cape Town, South Africa

Ferne told MailOnline: ‘100% I would love to have more kids, I really want to grow my family. 

‘I am very happy and content at the moment, but the other day I started to feel broody. I saw a pregnant woman in the supermarket and it set me off! 

‘I started to get that feeling again, honestly, I would love to be pregnant, I love that cosy feeling of growing a baby inside you. 

Ferne McCann

It is crazy and a bit alien but it was an amazing experience that I would love to have again.

‘I’m open to love and I can’t wait to meet the one, have kids, get married and run off into the sunset! But there wasn’t much dating going on for me last year because of the pandemic.’ 

Prior to her new romance with Jack, Ferne was swept off her feet last year by a mystery admirer dubbed ‘Mr C’.  

He treated the star and her friends to a luxury trip to Cannes via private jet, in celebration of her 30th birthday. 

His identity was subsequently released to the media and he was unveiled as £30 million property mogul, Charlie Wilson. 

Ferne confirmed their romance wasn’t meant to be as she recalled an awkward text exchange after his name was leaked to the press. 

The beauty added: ‘When I saw it, I sent him a text because it’s that weird thing of, “ah, I see your name’s come out in the press.” So I messaged him, “hi, are you ok?”

‘My secret admirer is not a secret anymore! It’s an awkward conversation, I didn’t really know what to say but it’s all good, he’s a gentleman and it just didn’t work out. 

‘But he’s a lovely guy and so intelligent and wise, but we just weren’t each other’s lobster! Back to the drawing board.

When reflecting on what she now looks for in a partner, Ferne commented: ‘I think I’m a pretty good judge of character, I just go off connection, I think you get the vibe. 

‘That’s why I want to meet someone organically because there is no better way then feeling chemistry. I live for chemistry!’ 

Ferne was spotted getting close to model Jack earlier this week during her winter break to Cape Town, South Africa. 

While she is yet to confirm or deny a possible romance with the hunk, she stated that her personal growth in recent years has changed her taste in men.

The mother-of-one added: ‘I think turning 30 was a really big moment for me. I’ll be honest, I had a little wobble and then I was cool with it, and then I went back to “ah I’m an adult now.” 

‘I feel really content with my life but there’s definitely things I do now that I wouldn’t have done in my twenties. You do change, you just mature and have new goals.

‘I talk about my behaviour patterns in therapy, to identify them and therapeutically work through them. I have taken a long hard look at myself in order to do some self improvement, but I see that as a positive not negative.’ 

To develop her sense of gratitude and self awareness, Ferne practices rituals including meditation and yoga, which she has incorporated into her new six-week programme on her fitness app, Embodyment With Ferne. 

The short, sharp workouts and nutritious recipes in her programme have helped her feel confident in both body and mind.  

Ferne McCann

Ferne said: ‘As a female, you pick yourself apart and sometimes you just need to be kind to yourself. 

‘I work out for my mental health and as a form of meditation, but yeah, I love how it makes me look as well, and the feeling of being toned. 

‘When you can see those changes in the mirror, it definitely gives you body confidence and body happiness, I love putting the work in and then seeing the physical results.

‘But working out for me is a release from anxiety, it brings me to the present moment and gives me clarity.’ 

Ferne embraced a lifestyle overhaul before falling pregnant with Sunday in 2007, which she believes was instrumental in managing her labour and recovery. 

She said: ‘It’s one of the toughest things you’re going to experience as a female but exercise helped me give birth one million percent! I have no doubt.’ 

Ferne McCann


Her experience as a single parent is documented in her hit reality series, Ferne McCann: First Time Mum.

While her daughter is too young to appreciate her new fitness app, she plays a starring role in the ITVBe programme, and is already picking up her mother’s mannerisms.

The former TOWIE star concluded: ‘She is one of a kind. There is definitely some things she does where I’m like “wow, she has learnt that from me.” She does these little mad faces that remind her of me.’