EXCLUSIVE: Megan Barton Hanson discloses the sexual experience which made her realise she is bisexual as she details her ‘AWKWARD’ showdown with ex Demi Sims

Megan Barton Hanson has revealed an emotional and sexual experience with a couple made her realise she was bisexual, as she confirmed the chemistry wasn’t there with her former flame, Demi Sims. 

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, the former Love Islander, 26, detailed her very ‘awkward’ interaction with Demi,  24, on the upcoming celebrity series of Eating With My Ex, while confessing the way she broke up with her was ‘very cowardly’. 

She also explained why she was angry at the TOWIE star prior to their dinner date on the show, and she owned up to mistakes made during her breakup to ex-boyfriend Wes Nelson. 

Speaking of finding her sexuality, she recalled: ‘I realised [I like women] at college, I had a friend who I would spend all my time with and then when she had a boyfriend I would get weirdly jealous. Then there was a couple who I started seeing when I was about 20-years-old. 

‘She was a photographer and she invited me over to take my picture, and her boyfriend was there. We had a “joint thing” a few times, but I realised he was just “there,” and I was actually falling for her. That was pretty hard because they had an open relationship but I was starting to fall in love with her.’

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Megan proudly identifies as bisexual and has had a series of high profile relationships with women including footballer Chelcee Grimes and Demi, who she met on the 2019 series of Celebs Go Dating. 

She previously said that the TOWIE beauty made her ‘question if I was even gay’ due to their lacklustre chemistry.

Megan confirmed once more there was no spark and said: ‘Demi is a stunning girl, but I don’t think I fancied her in that way. I appreciate that she’s beautiful but I think something was lacking and it was more of a friendly dynamic. 

‘It was also such a long time since I’d done anything with a girl. I think I built it up so much in my head so unless the connection was 100 per cent, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable to explore it.’  

Megan ended things with Demi shortly after they finished shooting the E4 dating show, and they sat down recently on Eating With My Ex to discuss the breakdown of their romance.        

‘I know the way I ended it with Demi was cowardly,’ the blonde bombshell said. ‘I did it over text which really wasn’t OK, so I needed to go see her in person.

‘And yes it was pretty awkward! I was like “ahhh,” but I think it’s always going to be like that, when you haven’t seen an ex for a long time.’ 

She also explained why she was harbouring resentment and anger towards Demi before their unique encounter. 


Megan said: ‘One of my biggest concerns and why I was angry at Demi, even though I ended things in a cowardly way, was because after we stopped speaking, I was reading things in the press which really wound me up. 

‘I would never sell a story on someone and I felt like she had, and that also she had been quite bitter. 

‘She didn’t admit to it, she said she just answered questions at events from journalists. Now I get why she would answer them with a bit of sass and attitude, I probably would have too, we all know what I’m like!

‘It got a little bit heated and a little bit emotional during our conversation but I think we left in a really good place and we have put it behind us.’ 

She praised her ex for being such a giggly and fun person who is ‘hard to stay mad at’ while confirming she is ‘so happy’ that Demi is now in a relationship with Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago.

After mending fences with the TOWIE beauty, Megan also reflected on mistakes she made during her split to Wes Nelson in 2019.  


The duo, who met on the 2018 series of Love Island, separated shortly after she publicly accused Wes, 22, of getting too close to his Dancing On Ice skating partner, Vanessa Bauer.

She admitted she regretted the way she handled the situation and said: ‘I could sense stuff and I heard rumours, and I didn’t want to be a fool so I overreacted, I had so much anger. 

‘No one was telling me what I wanted to hear and I just had an outburst, but I think it’s important to learn from it and have personal growth. Two-years-ago I would have never admitted I was wrong. 

‘If I could do it differently now, I would have done it behind closed doors instead of having a massive b****h fit and blaming the girl, because it’s always 50/50. I didn’t handle it right.’ 

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